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Gweek Silver Band is a friendly group of brass musicians who meet on Wednesdays in The Reading Room from 7:30pm.  If you are a brass player or percussionist looking to join a friendly non-contesting band that plays a variety of music, do get in touch.  If you are just learning, have been playing for many years or are thinking of returning to band after a long break, all levels of players are very welcome to come along and see if Gweek is the band for you.  If you can't play but would like to support the band in other ways we would love to hear from you too.

One piece of music which has been well received at events lately is “Prayer For Ukraine”. Published in 1885, "Prayer for Ukraine" has become the spiritual anthem of Ukraine. A video of the band rehearsing it is available HERE or clicking the picture taken in the Reading Room below.

Click on the picture above for a video of the band rehearsing "Prayer for Ukraine" in the Reading Room.

(You may need to turn on the volume control icon!)

Gweek Silver Band performed at Victoria Gardens, Truro on Sunday May 5th. The weather in the morning was appalling, but soon after we started playing, it became so hot and sunny that we had to take our jackets off!  The Bandstand is under resconstruction, so we had to play down beside the fountain. This was the first of several Sunday brass band concerts in the gardens throughout the summer.  There were more than 50 people surrounding the band, and others in other parts of the gardens. The band had many positive comments on their performance !