Conductors of the Gweek Silver Band since 1948

William Hocking

Thomas Chainey

Kenneth Hamlod

Roy Cottam

George Goodale

Simms Morris

Desmond Burley

William Dower

Edgar Floyd

Roy Williams

Glyn Thomas

Barry Jacques

Trevor Naden

Ian Edwards

Tony Richards

Nathan Tootill

Mr Samuel John Moyle and a few other local men first discussed the possibility of forming a band in 1926. One or two of them owned instruments and they started to practice. Mr E. Matthews, one of the men, had a relation in the North of England and through him the band acquired a set of instruments at a very reasonable price.

They then started to recruit members with an enlistment fee of £2 (a week’s wages at the time) and lots were drawn to decide the allocation of instruments. Practices were held in various local buildings and the band made its public debut playing carols in Gweek at Christmas, a tradition still maintained today.

Over the years the band has competed regularly in contests and we hope this will continue. However the band has only survived due to the enthusiasm of players and supporters.  We are also lucky to have some very patient and enthusiastic teachers to train new players.

In 1999 we obtained a Grant from the Lottery and Regional Development Agency to rebuild our ageing band room. We also received much support from local business and band supporters. The new Reading Room was opened in November 1999 and provided us with much needed dry and warm practice and storage facilities.

In summer 2000 Roy Williams stepped down from being Musical Director to allow someone more youthful to conduct.

Glyn Thomas took over as conductor and after a successful season in 2001, handed over to Barry Jacques. Trevor Naden followed in 2002, leading us through 2 seasons of concerts, then in 2004 he stepped down and once again Roy took the baton.

After a period with a reduced number of players, we were fortunate to have Tony Richards offer to conduct the band in 2006. He attracted a proliferation of new players bringing Gweek Silver Band back to an almost full complement  and regaining the quality playing Gweek Band was known for in the past. The band went from strength to strength, culminating in victory in the 4th Section of the annual Cornwall Brass Band Association Contest for three years running.

Tony decided to retire at the end of 2017 and, unfortunately, several players and committee members retired around the same time. Luckily however, the well known local bass player from Helston Town Band, Nathan Tootill, took up the baton and though still low in player numbers, the band continues to thrive. During the summer the band has given many concerts on the village green, entertaining the customers of Sid’s fish & chip van and the Black Swan pub. During the run-up to Christmas the band visit most of the old folks nursing homes in the area playing carols to the residents.